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Noosa is the first resort from Queensland Australia that any person who calls himself or herself a real surfer will visit. Already famous for being one of the resorts with the safest surfing beaches, Noosa offers tourists a wide range of water activities as well as outdoor and indoor activities that are not necessarily related to getting wet. Even though the resort is famous for its surfing possibilities one can surf Noosa’s art galleries, trendy boutiques or cafes and restaurants.

Surfing in Noosa

If you want to learn how to surf Noosa is the ideal place to take your first lessons. You can find safe beaches, world champions willing to teach you the how to-s of surfing as well as the surf rules and the beach and ocean awareness. If you know how to surf Noosa is also the ideal place for you because of its location and its full range of breaks, points and beaches.

Sunshine Coast

For beginners in surf Noosa’s best beaches are the Little Cove and the Main Beach. Of course anyone is welcomed to try whichever beach they like, however keep in mind that not all the beaches are patrolled and in some points from the coast access is more difficult. Noosa Main Beach for example is safe to swim or surf, is patrolled, is within walking distance from the main tourist street, Hastings Street, and is easily accessible.

One thing to keep in mind when you go surfing on the Sunshine Coast and not only, try to go at least with another person and keep and eye on each other. Also the first time you surf on a beach do not immediately jump in the water. Take your tie and survey the area, talk to other surfers or see where do they take off from and see how the bottom is and how deep the water. The more you know about a beach and its waters, the better your first surfing experience in that water will be.

Surfing in Noosa

Since Noosa is such an important place for the surfing community there are several events dedicated to surfing throughout the year. One of the most awaited events is the Noosa Festival of Surfing. Ever since it was established in 1992, the festival grew, changed its name and it now has a section of amateurs and one for professionals.

One of the reasons Noosa and the Sunshine Coast became so popular among surfers is that there is at least one beach where one can surf in almost any given day of the year. Depending on the wind direction and strength the waves and the swells will be bigger and better for surfers and sometimes dangerous for the less experienced surfers. The advice for beginners but daring surfers is to have a leash at the board so that they do not risk loosing the board. This is a good thing to keep in mind if your gear is rented too and also the risk of accidents is minimized.

Surfing in Noosa

If you are ready to surf Noosa beaches you should check the weather reports before and take them one at a time since all the beaches in Noosa stretch for about seven and a half miles. There are also information points where you can find out which beach would be best for you according to your skills. If you like long rides you can try the Granite Bay beach, the Tea Tree beach and the Boiling Pot beach. On these beaches you can ride for 200 and even 300 yards. For beaches with a shorter length of ride you can try the Noosa Beach, the Sunshine Beach, the Alexandria Bay Beach or almost any other beach in the region. You should also be aware of the swells size which can range from up to 6 feet to up to 12 feet depending on the wind direction and speed.

No matter which beach you end up surfing or relaxing on spending your vacation in Noosa can easily become the perfect vacation for you and your family if you love water and wilderness. The wide range of activities available in Noosa and in the region makes it the perfect spot for any tourist who likes trying something different. A cruise, a fishing trip, a shopping trip or an excellent meal are all part of the "how to surf Noosa" deal.

Surfing in Noosa

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