Noosa beaches

Noosa beaches are very well known for being great beaches for surfing. Part of the Queensland beaches, the beaches from Noosa include the Noosa Main Beach, the Sunshine Beach, the Sunrise Beach, The Peregian Beach, the Marcus Beach, the Castaways Beach, the Coolum Beach, the beaches from Alexandria Bay, Granite Bay and Tea Tree Bay and the First Point and Johnsons beaches from Noosa Head. While some of these beaches are great from surfing, others are great for swimming and most of them make nice places to walk along the shore. Some of the beaches have parking, showers, and telephones facilities and in some of them dogs are not allowed. Swimming is not usually recommended in unsupervised areas. And quite a few of these beaches have cafes, restaurants and even shops in the area.

Noosa beaches | Surf Noosa

Noosa Main Beach is one of the best beaches for surf newcomers. The bottom is clean and flat and the waves are usually not higher than three feet. This beach is also a safe place for swimmers all year round and a good location for fishing different fishes. Because of its location, Noosa Main Beach is a family friendly beach with calm seas and small swells. Noosa heads is also a great beach for surfers no matter if they are beginners or advanced surfers.

First point beach

One can find here four beaches with different surfing possibilities. While First Point Beach is a good spot for beginners, the more advanced surfers and the professional ones can take advantage of the waves at Tea Tree Bay Beach or the Granite Bay Beach. A good beach for intermediate and advanced surfers as well as for daring surfers is the Johnsons Beach. Some of these beaches are very windy thus the waves and swells are bigger. Also in some of these areas the bottom of the ocean is very rocky, thus wearing appropriate surf clothing as well as special shoes is required.

Another beach where surfers and swimmers can have a good time is Coolum Beach. Some of these beaches like Coolum, Peregian or Sunshine are patrolled and flagged for swimming. One should make sure they swim in the flag area only. Also some of the beaches are easier to reach. For example the beach from Alexandria Bay can only be reached through the National park or by swimming. This beach is also known as the nudist beach and as a beach for experienced surfers only. Sunrise Beach which is next to Sunshine Beach is not patrolled, thus swimming is not encouraged in the area. In the same situation are the Marcus and the Castaways beaches.

Patrolled beaches

One should keep in mind that if they do swim in any of the beaches that are not patrolled they are doing it against the beach safety rules and should be extremely careful when swimming. Sunrise Beach is the beach that makes the connection between the Noosa National park and the Sunshine Coast. Because it is not patrolled it is considered a dangerous beach for swimming, but a great one if you want to relax or take a walk along the shore. This beach is close to Duke Street, a street that offers a wide variety of cafes and restaurants and about 3 miles away from the famous Hastings Street.

Noosa beaches | Surf Noosa

There is bus service called Sun Bus that reaches Sunshine Beach, Peregian Beach and Marcus Beach. Some of the beaches will most probably in within walking distance from your accommodation and some of the beaches, like for example the North Shore Beach, are accessible by 4WD vehicles. The North Shore Beach is a great beach for camping, fishing, and surfing. This is also the place where one can enjoy the Coloured Sands where over 70 colors can be seen. No matter which beach you visit or swim at there are a few rules to remember. Never leave your things unattended and try to swim only in the flag area and always with somebody else. Do not ignore the Beach Closed signs. They are usually there to warn you not to get into the water. This does not mean you cannot walk around or relax on that beach. As with any other beaches whenever possible do not swim to far away if you are not sure on your skills. Also do not swim at night or after drinking too much. The last but maybe one of the most important rules for any water you plan to swim in for the first time: do not dive, jump or run in it.

Noosa beaches | Surf Noosa

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