Noosa is a rapidly developing tourist area because of its location and all the activities and things to do in the area. It is one of the best vacation places for tourists who visit Australia and it is a well known spot for the professionals surfers and not only. Located in Queensland, the district has a population of about 50,000 people, but millions of people come to enjoy the wonderful beaches. One of the good things about the district is that even though it relies a lot on tourism, it provides affordable vacations for everybody from campers to luxury lovers. There is always some place to choose for accommodation, some activity or some things to do while in the area. The most famous suburbs of the district are the Noosa Heads, the Sunrise Beach, the Sunshine Beach, the Castaways Beach, the Noosaville and the Tewantin. Also belonging to the district are the Great Sandy National park, the Noosa National Park, the North Shore, the Peregian Beach and the Boreen Point.

Surf Noosa | Surfing on the Sunshine Coast Australia, Noosa Heads, First point, Noosaville, Noosa Hinterland, Noosa Coast

The business area is known as the Noosa Junction and the more tourist places are the Noosaville whish is situated along the river and not extremely busy and the Noosa Heads which is the number one place for tourists. There are several ways for one to get here, most of the used one being the plane, the car or the boat. If you are flying in you can fly to Sunshine Coast airport and then take a taxi or rent a car, or you can fly to Brisbane but make sure you have a connection pre-booked. To get around you can rent a car, rent a boat or take a cruise or book a tour. If you want to have your own schedule your best option is to rent a car or a boat if you want to see Noosa from the ocean. If you do not mind organized activities you can choose from fishing trips, cruises along the shore, whale watch trips or other organized tours. Depending on the tour, duration and activities include the price ranges from 30 Australian dollars to a few hundreds. Tours are offered as 2-3 hours tours, half a day tours or day trip tours. Most of the tours have a BBQ or tea break included.

Hastings Street

The to-do list includes activities for all the tourists from the most relaxed ones to the most active ones. You can choose to take a walk on the famous Hastings Street or you can venture in the Noosa National Park; you can go beach fishing, river fishing or venture out on the ocean in a fishing trip or you can try one of the many available water activities. The beaches from the district are great for surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, rowing and swimming. For the evening entertainment you can choose from one of the many trendy bars, cafes or restaurants. Dinner can be anything from the local to international cuisine. Accommodation is available in apartments, hotels, and camping areas depending on your budget. While in Noosa tourists visit the National Park where one can easily spot koalas and different species of birds, the Noosa River which is great for kayaking and fishing, as well as the Noosa Hinterland which includes the town of Montville, the Black Mountain and the Cooroy Mountain.

Surf Noosa | Surfing on the Sunshine Coast Australia, Noosa Heads, First point, Noosaville, Noosa Hinterland, Noosa Coast

It is in this district of Noosa that you can enjoy a BBQ in specially designated places while enjoying a breathtaking view. This is also the place where you can try extreme sports like night skydiving, the flying trapeze or the Aerochute. You can explore the ocean and the river, search for the dolphins in the Laguna Bay, and enjoy a sunset in two in a kayak or on a Harley Davidson. If you like parting you can take a Pub Crawl tour and if you ever wanted to be in a circus you can try one of the available circus workshops. There is also a historic train ride available for the scenery and history lovers. Activities for families include beach safari tours, cruises, and a complicated maze where one can have lots of fun. One can also visit the Aquatic centre, the Botanic Gardens, or go horse and camel riding. Of course one of the main activities tourists go to Noosa for is surfing. If you never tried it now you have the chance to take surf lessons in one of the best surfing places in Australia. If you are a surfer you already know that and this is probably the main reason you choose to vacation in this part of the world.

Surf Noosa | Surfing on the Sunshine Coast Australia, Noosa Heads, First point, Noosaville, Noosa Hinterland, Noosa Coast

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